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"One soldier is still a soldier"

So you came to learn more about me, eh?

Hello! My name is Svetlana. As you known from the brief intro in the beginning of the site, i am russian. Born in Moscow, if that matters!

Won't repeat the same information, BUUUT!!!

I am an aspiring animator, artist, and of course, comic creator. Might draw concept art.

But aside from these good talents i have, i can also sing (not really), might have played guitar, and i have some potential in acting/mimics (used so that people won't call me "robot-like")

Some people can call me a stubborn, curious and brave person. I'm not really all that social IRL, because i have huge problems in doing so, and i can't just trust people.

But please, do not be afraid to contact me. I don't bite (most likely). And please, for future times... don't swat at me or think you've done something wrong if i didn't respond/took too long to respond. I am a very shy person, but nontheless friendly! Don't be afraid of me! ^^


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More Details!

I created this site... as not just only my personal portfolio (because carrd's not my cup of tea, honestly, neither is wix!), but as a part of the rebellion. And the rebellion that is... bringing back the ol' good internet.

That's right. Alot of sites now eat user data for breakfast, just to advertise the products we don't need, just to impress the people we don't like. (obligatory Fight Club reference), and the individuality... the free speech! Is now... rapidly rising to extinction. So, this site is a part of my personal rebellion.

Albeit i don't have the money to afford a Supporter subscription, i just want to make my site this... one save haven. For all artistical people to take refuge in from the coldness in the World Wide Web that is now. Even if i won't have the data nessesary to make this normally! XDDD

As i mentioned, i am stubborn in my goals. So yet i will try. For all. That's why.

But also, i will bring interesting stuff, articles, and mostly, helpful links in the future.

My interests include:

Animation, arts, and most of all, everything related to underrated animation!

Lost media searching and true crime stories

Dystopias, Futuristic and Cyberpunk stories

Retro Anime

80s Music, Metal and ambience

Everything related to Half-Life series


Strangely, science. Biology, Genetics, Bioengineering, Radiation themes, Robots. (I could have chosen sciences as my area of studies but i decided not to... Math kills :p)

Medical themes

A-and i think that's all for now! Thank you for visiting this beautiful Website. I love you.

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